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Many of you have probably heard of most of these people.  When you watch their shows, you see a lot of crazy antics and it's easy to see they are passionate about their jobs, and are having fun.  While what they are doing IS fun, keep in mind that for most of us, what they are doing is ILLEGAL--most states and countries have numerous regulations governing what you can and can't do regarding herps.  Celebrities can often get special permits for these shows due to the exposure the shows generate for tourism and conservation efforts.  ALWAYS CONSULT LOCAL REGULATIONS before herping!


Dr. Brady Barr on the National Geographic Channel.
Jeff Corwin yet another Animal Planet guy; doesn't deal solely with herps but does feature them quite a bit.
Steve Irwin ("The Crocodile Hunter") of Animal Planet fame.  Love him or hate him, you have to admire his enthusiasm!
Mark O'Shea another Animal Planet guy ("O'Sheas Big Adventure"); pretty neat site.
Austin Stevens:  Snakemaster ANOTHER Animal Planet guy.


Discussion Forums

These sites feature message boards for discussion of recent finds, methods, equipment, ethics, etc.  There are other sites out there, some region-specific, but I usually just browse and post on these:


Field Herpers excellent forum where participants post pics of their finds.  Regulation is almost nonexistent (by design) so anticipate some heated debate! 
FieldHerpForum discussion board plus pages of habitat pictures.
Herp-Pix Yahoo group. Field Notes & Observations Moderated, so sometimes posts are capriciously deleted.  Really!  They have a strict Terms of Service agreement which apparently I've violated from time to time.


Personal Pages

Some of these people are personal friends.  Some are people from the above-named discussion groups.  Others are sites I stumbled across, and others are reciprocal links of people who found my site first!  When I first created my site in 1997, I thought I was the only person doing what I was doing (posting pics of herping adventures online).  The Internet has shown otherwise, and it has given me the opportunity to herp new areas and meet new people.


Scott  Albert Midwest herps.
Michael Cravens great photography.
Cricket Frog Press Texas herping stories.
Erik's Snake Lifelist a page built by a field-herping buddy of mine.  Excellent photography.
Eitan Grunwald's Herp Trips a good resource for field herping.
Jadin Expeditions the personal site of undergraduate herpetologist Robert Jadin.
PhotoServancy various critters, but lots of reptiles (and amphibians).  Also has photography tips.
Mike Pingleton lots of cool stuff. Good pics, good stories, plus a guide to South Carolina herps.
SnakeGuys great layout and excellent pictures of herps and herpers in the field.
Tom Spinker Florida and Georgia.
John Sullivan highly recommended site.
TCJHerps field herpers and breeders.

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