I went on the trip of a lifetime; driving into the Australian Outback for two weeks in search of the various reptile life, and I wasn't disappointed.  Australia
Australia is extremely protective of their animal life, primarily due to the many species found there which can't be found anywhere else (platypus, kangaroos, etc).  Exportation of wildlife is VERY restricted, and collection of native animals, even by Australian citizens, is heavily regulated.  As a nonresident, I knew I'd be facing an uphill battle if I wanted to do things "by the book."  I contacted the governments of both Queensland and the Northern Territories in an effort to secure permission to capture, photograph, and release the reptiles I found.  At first, they seemed willing to work with me, but ultimately my various permit applications were denied.  I was basically told I could take all the pictures I wanted, but just couldn't touch any of the animals I found!  Naturally, the quality of the pictures suffered, but I pretty much obeyed their wishes.
There ARE two pictures in this section in which I'm handling native reptiles, but this was done under supervision; details are explained on the relevant pages.  I do not condone the handling of native Australian reptiles without appropriate permits (or equipment); not only because it's illegal in most cases to do so, but because it can be downright difficult for the inexperienced to positively distinguish between the venomous and non-venomous snakes! Devil's Marbles, NT
All told, I encountered at least 23 different reptiles on my trip.  Some of these were  DOR specimens, but most types were found alive and well.  Those are the ones I present here.  If I have misidentified any of these animals, please drop me a line and I will correct the pages!  NOTE:  I generally follow Cogger's taxonomy in the species descriptions I give.